Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inspired by a Dream

So I just wanted to share this idea I got from a dream I had last night. Up until the middle of last year I was going to school to earn a degree in Graphic Design. Well, money became an issue and now I'm taking a break from school and just focusing on being a mom. Last night I had a dream that I started my own at home photography studio. That I had used my photography school books and had managed to be pretty successful. Since tax season is coming up, I thought I would consider asking Paul if we could spare a little extra so that I could get a camera to start practicing with, as I'm still quite far from actually running a business. However, even if that dream is a little ways off, it'd still be nice to be able to capture better photos of Annabelle than the ones I get now with a cellphone camera. I'll probably just start off with a cheaper new or secondhand camera, but my dream camera is the Canon Rebel!

Obviously with a price tag like that my dream camera is many, many, MANY years away...but it doesn't hurt to dream does it?

I see self employed photographers all over my news feed, from newborn/family photographers to nature/landscape photographers. I really think I can make a decent income if I go for it, so I will!!! 

Wish me luck!


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