Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12 month checkup!

Well Annabelle was in less than the best mood when we got home, and I really can't blame her. I didn't know she was going to get any shots at all today and she ended up getting four along with getting her blood drawn to check her iron levels and to check for lead. I'm not really sure why they need to check for lead as we don't live in an older home, and we don't live very close to a recycling plant or highway, so there isn't a lead threat in Annabelle's day to day life. Her weight has stayed the same as her last appointment, a whopping 20 lbs. She isn't expected to gain much because of how active she is but we have to bulk up on the fruits and veggies! 

The developmental therapist came to visit like always, and like always Annabelle is right on schedule for most of her milestones and ahead on the rest. Because of her heart problem (mild pulmonary valve stenosis) and her occasional "ticks", her development is always a major focus. If she is off on her milestones it could be evidence of something going on, so we really have to pay attention. Fortunately, up until now her problems are very mild and seem to have no effect on her development at all.

In two weeks we will have to go for our second followup with the cardiologist. She has to go once every six months or so to make sure things are going well. In the beginning she had a small hole in her heart as well but by the first follow up it had either closed itself up completely or had become so small that it couldn't be seen. This was really great news because the doctor thought it would probably never close up all the way. She still has a murmur because of the Pulmonary Valve Stenosis. Pulmonary Valve Stenosis is a " heart valve disorder that involves the pulmonary valve.This valve separates the right ventricle (one of the chambers in the heart) and the pulmonary artery. The pulmonary artery carries oxygen-poor blood to the lungs. Stenosis, or narrowing, occurs when the valve cannot open wide enough. As a result, less blood flows to the lungs." (NCBI) 

Fortunately, Annabelle has a mild case of Stenosis. Her case is so mild that the doctors don't believe that it will ever be serious enough to effect her quality of life. However, we still have to see the cardiologist every six months so that if it does unexpectedly become more serious, something can be done early on to prevent it from becoming worse.

Since we've been home, Annabelle has been given ibuprofen and is now is much higher spirits than when we first came home. So I'll close with a picture of Annabelle being.....well just being Annabelle.


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