Thursday, February 7, 2013

Annabelle's First Birthday Party!!! Part II : The Presents!

What did Annabelle get for her birthday? Don't worry I'm not going to list every little thing she got, but a few gifts just had to be mentioned because of Annabelle's reaction to them! The first was a cute little pink rocker horse that neighs when you push on its ear. Annabelle's reaction? Not really that impressed. Her aunt (my sister) attempted to put her on the horse and Annabelle responded with flailing her legs opposite directions to prevent any of that nonsense. Fortunately, Daddy came around and got her on it long enough for a photo!

The second gift that just BEGS to be mentioned, is her brand new baby doll  As soon as she saw it she called it baby, and then took it to each person around the room one at a time to introduce "baby". No one was allowed to touch, but they could look. The reason this is such a big deal, is that she only knew about half of the people in the room, and this was the first time she had said the word "baby", let alone have any previous association with a baby. Here are some photos of her introducing "Baby" 

And now for Annabelle's favorite new toy of the day........*drum roll*...............

Yes...balloons. She literally had a balloon in her hand right up until bed time, just having a hay day bashing it around.... To think of all the money wasted on presents when all she really wanted was a balloon! Just kidding, she loved all of her toys and plays with all of them, though more so the baby than anything else. If anyone who came to her birthday sees this, I just want to thank you all for making her 1st birthday one me and her father will never forget...even if she does. <3



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It's so sweet! Gifs are awesome!

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