Thursday, February 28, 2013

Annabelle's Cardiologist Check Up

If you've read 12 Month Checkup then you know that Annabelle has a congenital heart defect known as a Pulmonary Valve Stenosis. In short it's a narrowing of the pulmonary valve that cause less than ideal blood flow to the lungs. Unlike in one of our earliest posts, Annabelle's Ornery Assault on the Heart Doctor , today's appointment for the most part went on without a hitch. She had missed her nap so she wasn't the most cooperative for the echo (like a sonogram) of her heart, needless to say the doctor had to be notified that the readings were not of a resting heart rate! However, just like the last appointment she passed out before the doctor ever saw her, so she had no idea that the doctor even saw her. So the results of everything today turned out pretty great! She's gained a whole pound since her 1 year checkup! The results of the echo were less clear because of how fussy she was during it, but they are sure that the hole is probably the same if not better than last time, where they thought it had either closed or gotten so small that they couldn't see it. The stenosis was set as Mild at her last appointment, and today it's been set as Very Mild. Rather than coming back in 6 months, we won't have to for another year! I wish I had a picture for you today, but Annabelle finally killed my poor phone and it refuses to even turn on. Paul says he will bring one home tomorrow so hopefully I'll have some new pictures for you soon!


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