Monday, February 4, 2013

Annabelle's First Birthday Party!!! Part I : The Hitch and The Cakes

Even though Annabelle won't technically be 1 year old until I still can't believe how fast this first year has gone....but we'll save the sappy sentimental post for tomorrow. We decided to throw Annabelle's birthday party day before yesterday to ensure that anyone who wanted to come could. I had hoped it would go off without a hitch and for the most part it did. The only real issue came up when our family started to arrive at 12:00 pm on the dot. Now I set the time for the party to be between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm, assuming that most people would show up around 12:30 pm. Normally our family runs a little late for gatherings and the friends we had coming had never been to our house, so I figured in time for them to find the place. Me and Paul left at about 11:45 to go to the bank and then get Annabelle's birthday cake and balloons. At about 12:15 pm my mom called to tell me that the 10 odd people that we had left at our apartment had more than doubled...This resulted in a mad dash from the bank to Hy-vee to get our custom cake and a set of 10 balloons. We finally get back to our apartment and it's a mad house! 23 +/- people to 7 chairs and a 3-4 person couch....there were a lot of people left standing or sitting on the floor. Thankfully, it didn't take long for us to get organized and from then on the party really did go on without a hitch! Only 2 of the expected 5 children showed up, but I really don't think there would have been the room for them even if they had, and Annabelle seemed to enjoy playing with her little friend from downstairs.

Now for the fun details!

We decided to go with a Yo Gabba Gabba theme for the party because it is one of the few tv shows that Annabelle will watch all the way through, and she just loves to dance to the songs. This is the custom birthday cake that we got at Hy-vee, I was very impressed with how it turned out especially considering it was only about $17.00. It's hard to see in photos but it had a gradient effect wherever two colors met that just looked amazing.

Happy 1st Birthday Annabelle

Here is Annabelle's special cake surrounded by cupcakes. We had bought some Yo Gabba Gabba candles about a week ago for the big cake but as you can see in the last photo there really wasn't any room for them, so we used them for this one.

And don't worry she wasn't as close to the flames as it looks in that photo! Of course she needed a little help blowing them out, but her Aunt Patti was happy to help!

We had bought this smaller cake hoping that Annabelle would demolish it, but she wasn't having any of that. 

We pressed her hand in the icing to motivate her but she was not happy about it!

In the end she was happy to be spoon fed the cake. 

However, when the icecream was brought out, she had no trouble at all picking it up and shoving it in her daughter is so strange....

So this concludes Part I, of my birthday posts. Stayed tuned for Part II : The Presents.


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I can't decide what's cuter. The baby or the cake!

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