Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finally got to go to the park!

Last week it was finally warm enough to walk Annabelle to the park and let her play! We actually got to go out two days in a row, and the second day she got to play with her little friend Harrison from downstairs! We also got to try out her new clothes from her grandma Kristi, that she bought at Crazy 8. Now I had never heard of Crazy 8 before,but from what Kristi told me it's a pretty awesome store. They have all these different themes and different clothing pieces that can be mix matched to make even more outfits! Annabelle wore a Strawberry themed outfit with a long sleeve shirt that says "so berry cute" with strawberry appliques,a matching strawberry headband, and a jean skirt with strawberry detail. Matched with white socks and her grey boots and her new sunglasses, (we left one of her tennis shoes at her grandma's house so she was stuck wearing these boots all week) this turned out to be the cutest little outfit! The skirt is a little shorter than others which made playtime a little easier which was great. The material isn't very thick so she can wear it in warm weather to protect her skin without the worry of overheating. Overall, these clothes were very impressive and I can't wait to take a trip to the store myself to see what other themes they have. She also got a set of pink polka-dotted wiener dog clothes that she wore the next day, however they were a little thicker and she ended up running around without a shirt because of the heat.  Kristi said that Crazy 8 has tons of different themes like penguins, flowers, and too many other to name. Here are some photos of our trip to the park on Thursday and the outfits from Crazy 8.

And here is her on Friday after we had to take her shirt off.

This was Thursday and Friday of last week...4 days ago and today it's snowing again....will spring ever get here and stay???


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