Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I gave birth to a faucet...

I'm sure every mother goes through their child's early stages of teething relatively unscathed...aside from accepting the fact that you will be soaking wet at least 50% of the time because your child will designate you as their living drool rag. Well I've been blessed with being soaking wet about 80% of the time as my daughter enters the teething phase. I thought it was a normal thing, but after asking other parents in my life, I've come to realize that I've been cursed with an abnormal faucet for a child. Miss B manages to wet her diaper thoroughly with drool alone. Without exaggeration, she can soak half of a couch cushion in under five minutes...pretty talented for a 4-month old isn't it? But that gummy, albeit drooly, grin makes it impossible to really be upset doesn't it?

So how do I remedy this sopping wet mess of a situation? Bibs (which Miss B soaks even faster than the couch cushions) and blankets(same story) help but in the end I just take it like a trooper and accept it as a hidden blessing of motherhood. (Not the answer you wanted huh?) Well if you ask my grandma, apparently a great alternative is hanging a bucket around your child's neck to catch all the drool, but if your child is like mine you know they'll spill every drop the moment it hits the bucket. (so good luck with that one)


Goku shrestha said...

haha ! she is so cute !
and i can see some drool:P

Anonymous said...

beautiful baby congratz ; )

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